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LIN (Equality, Inclusion and Network) is a voluntary multicultural organization that was started in January 2009. LIN is established by women and works for equality and inclusion of minority women. LIN is a platform for information, knowledge, communication, dialogue and trust between the minority population and Norwegian society across ethnicity, religion and culture. Through a series of collaborative projects with other public institutions, we are a catalyst and contributor to the integration and inclusion work. The work we do has a great value for an equal society and an inclusive Norway. LIN collaborates with a number of NGOs and government agencies.


LIN work against social exclusion and poverty.

We are working to:

Improve minority women’s knowledge of and rights in society by facilitating information campaigns and networking activities.

  • Improve the dialogue between parents, children and families.
  • bedre dialogen mellom foreldre, barn og familier.
  • Build bridges to promote understanding, dialogue and tolerance between citizens of the majority society and minorities.

Be a liaison between government agencies and union members so that we can convey needs and get them into action.



Mihriban Rai

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Verv: Chairman of the board

Mari Østvoll

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Verv: Deputy Chairman



Zeineb Alsabeehg

Verv: Board member

Asgeir Grongstad

Verv: Board member

Rabia Musavi

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Stilling: General Manager

Mobil: 40 20 99 71 

E-post: post@linorg.no

Eduviges Mariscal

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Stilling: Administrative staff

E-post: eduvig@linorg.no

Ayesha Asad

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Stilling: Project coordinator

E-post: ayesha@linorg.no

Balraj Singh

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Stilling: Project leader

E-post: balraj@linorg.no

Amira Ibrahim

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Stilling: Project leader

E-post: amira@linorg.no



Opening hours:
Monday - friday

at 09:00-15:00


Telephone: 21616163



Office Address:
Trygve Lies plass 1, inngang C. 2 etasje. 1051 Oslo

Post Address:

Postboks 109 Furuset 1001 Oslo

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