Make a difference, make a good choice!

Do you know that Norway would stop running if volunteering did not exist? Voluntary work has an enormous value in the society, it creates diversity, challenges and make a difference in people’s lives.

Engaging for others provides an extra value, it gives pleasure in helping others and it creates trust between people. The fact that people get involved and take responsibility in the community prevent loneliness and builds up the community. Volunteering has an intrinsic value because it is based on human empathy, commitment, initiative and drive.


Volunteering experience in your CV

Many employers are currently very eager to know whether a potential job seeker has recreational activities and community involvement on their resume. Very often it is of great value to be able to demonstrate that you have participated in voluntary work. Even if you are not paid for your work, you get at least something positive to write on your resume. Of course, that is in addition to meaningful and motivating activities!

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