The majority of LIN's work is based on projects.

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Work is important, both on a personal and societal level. Having a job to go to strengthen one’s self-esteem and economic situation at home. Through work, we also contribute to the society. In today’s society many minorities have problemes getting jobs in their respective fields. LIN has therefore driven work-related projects since 2012. Through these projects we strengthen minorities position in the job-marked by helping them getting a mentor with network within their field.

Project “Path into the labor market” (Veien inntil arbeidslivet):

The aim of the mentor program is to help immigrants with higher education into the labor market through a mentor. There is also a desire to get the most potential companies to incorporate mentor program as part of their future strategy work. Ten mentors are paired with ten adepts, and each pair meet ten times during the project year. The purpose of these meetings is that the mentors will contribute to personal development and reflection among adepts and support them. Participating in the project is unpaid.




Many people, especially minority women, are not aware of their rights and obligations. LIN offer our participants free legal aid in the form of teaching in legal courses, counseling and other legal guidance.

In cooperation with the law firm Insolidum, LIN offers free attorney assistance the last Wednesday of the month. If you want a free legal aid, you must book you appointment in advance.

If LIN cannot help you with your case, we refer you to the right place



Having good health implies that we are conscious about the way we live our life. Our lifestyle, diet, physical activity and knowledge about diseases are important factors in order to live a healthy and good life. LIN has many activities that enable our users to get an awareness about their personal and family health.

We have the primary responsibility for our health. Our lifestyle and how we choose to live will impact our health later in life. Good health gives us energy to cope with everyday challenges.

”Good health also for Minority Women” is about improving minority women’s health through personalized offers and activities. In this project, we are focusing on the following two measures:

  1. Free yoga for minority women. Focusing on health promotion through physical activity.
  2.Trips to the countryside and mountain hiking.


The main objective of the measures is to prevent physical and mental illnesses through personalized training programs and trips, as well as strengthening minority women in their everyday life by making them self-reliant and give them tools to cope with everyday life and life projects.


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Prevention of forced marriage

LIN's project on the prevention of forced marriage "Velg livet" in 2016 has its background in our previous "Ære og skam" project from 2013. LIN has long experience with the cultural challenges of the minority population and sees that there is still a great need for attitudinal change and preventive Work against forced marriages.


LIN chose to produce the short film "Entangled" as we believe that change in attitude has the greatest effect when people realize the extent of injury, both psychologically and fysically led by forced marriages and that with that a change can be created.


Children, adolescence & Family in Norway


In the project of “children, adolescence and family in Norway”, we develop a flexible package of course which can be tailored according to different participants.  

We provide information about Norwegian institutions and regulations, and create dialogue about cultural differences and family organizations which exists worldwide. Purpose of these courses, gatherings and information is not to teach as it is natural that different families have different solutions that suits them. We spread knowledge to create higher protection and better understanding of why we are different- and facilitate everyday life in meeting Norwegian society. Kindergarten, school, etc. We raise queries on how to raise children and organize families between two cultures. We want to make it easier and possible for adult immigrants to set a good example in a new society, and build a strong relationship with their children who are growing up in Norway. 

How we do it: We invite professionals who have expertise on different topics, and carry out rest of the gatherings by ourselves.  We use film, forum theater, case discussions and dialogue. We welcome participant’s views and learn from their perspective also.  

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